Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Iron Gods Begins

Well look at what arrived on my doorstep last night ...

I've been looking forward to this since they announced it.

I have no idea if it will be great, but Paizo knows their stuff pretty well at this point. This is the "science fantasy" AP and that's something that I have liked for a long time. The synopsis:

A strange violet bonfire burns atop the town of Torch’s central hill, its flames hot enough to allow smiths to work with the hardest of exotic metals harvested from the enormous crashed starship at Numeria’s heart. When the fire is suddently extinguished, the heroes must delve a previously unknown set of caves below the town that lead to a strange buried metallic ruin. Will the heroes survive the technological dungeon, or will they fall in a hail of robotic foes and laser fire?

 Just flipping through there are bits of everything from Barrier Peaks to Thundarr mixed in to this one and it's going to be a lot of fun. It may be a while before I get to run it - Wrath of the Righteous is still just in Part 2 of 6 right now - but it is next in the batting order. The Mummy's Mask, now complete, looks like plenty of fun too, but this one could be a notch above. It's the same way I felt about WOTR and it hasn't let me down yet.


Adam Dickstein said...

Numeria? Like Numenera. I mean, just like it.


Blacksteel said...

It's been around since 2008 at least so if anything the MC RPG is the latecomer here. And yes, it is weird. I'm pretty sure I called it the wrong name throughout one enthusiastic briefing on the region