Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Planning the Third Game


It has been quite a while since I've been in this position and I'm happy enough with it to write another post about it. So Deadlands is on 1st and 4th weekends and is back on track. 2nd weekends are Star Wars and that's humming right along too. So now the question is what to run on 3rd weekends ...

My inclination is to some kind of supers game. Running a regular ongoing superhero game has long been an elusive dream. I would likely choose Mutants & Masterminds but some noise was made that adding it to the rotation might be too much mechanically for everyone to keep straight.  Eh, maybe, but I think M&M plays pretty easily once you get going. It's not like I don't have other options but M&M is my "main", my general purpose superhero RPG, and I tend to think of the others as more niche options. If M&M is too much then I have to assume Champions is not even a question. I'm looking over Absolute Power (the Silver Age Sentinels second edition) but I'm not interested in running it just yet. ICONS could work maybe, maybe do a longer form Marvel Heroic campaign than I have been ... maybe give Godlike/Wild Talents the extended tryout it has deserved for years. I have ordered the latest superpowers book for Savage Worlds so that may get a look too.  I'm still not sure yet but I will figure something out.

The other note here was that one of my players pointed out I wasn't running a D&D game (Yay!) so maybe I should look at doing a fantasy campaign (Boo!). Now I don't hate fantasy but it has always been a blocker in that there had to be a D&D type campaign  going and then anything else was shoehorned in around it. I told him that if I did it would not be that kind of system or setting. I might consider Warhammer FRP, or maybe Sigmar, but clearly Fantasy Hero is not a good idea and I'm really not feeling Runequest or Pendragon right now. This is a "maybe" but I'm not really leaning this way.

Other candidates/mentions/requests:

  • Savage Rifts - well sure but I think one Savage Worlds campaign at a time is enough. This is a strong candidate for the "when we finish Deadlands" slot.
  • Cyberpunk/Shadowrun - one of my players is running a cyberpunk type game right now and I don't want to step on his toes. Definitely an interest down the road though.
  • Star Trek - I'm running Star Wars already and I think another SF franchise that uses yet another system is probably more than we need. 
  • Stars Without Number - I'd probably run this over Traveller and I like the idea more than another fantasy game but I'm not sure I like it better than Superheroes.

There are some long shots in the mix too like a MechWarrior campaign or Mekton or the 40K RPG or a Weird War II run and the possible triple shot of running three different Savage Worlds games in parallel at some point but for now I think those are unlikely.

Anyway, here's to thinking out loud online - more to come.