Friday, August 18, 2023

40K Friday - Of Necrons, Knights, and Backlogs ...


It's been a fairly slow summer here miniatures-wise but I am pushing forward. The weather finally cooperated enough to fall within a decent range for spraying for a few hours so my Necrons are almost all base coated now. With all of the models built (barring one older monolith) I am in the unfamiliar place of having an up-to-date fully-painted army with no backlog. It is a strange feeling as pretty much every other army I have inevitably has a shelf full of boxes, sprues, and in-progress units that seem to linger for years, never quite vanishing regardless of progress made. So yes, with this new approach for the Necrons I am hoping to change that and also to start applying it to my older armies. 

For one example I decided to make Imperial Knights a full army this edition and the backlog for them at this point consists of one larger knight and a group of 4-6 smaller knights. It -really- shouldn't take that long to build and paint 7 models, even larger models, and once they are done I don't really foresee a backlog developing there. 

I also ended up adding a Chaos Knight army but this one was largely pained, big knights and small knights alike, so I really just have some touch-up and base unification to do here so again no backlog and the army is playable as it is right now with one possible new knight to add to round out the force. Maybe not zero-backlog - but close!

I added a Custodes force for this edition too but they were also mostly painted so my backlog right now is repairing a unit that arrived broken into damn near every single component that could be glued together and then adding in a few standard bearers and one more sagittarum squad. So two units and a character or two - I think I'm getting the hang of this.

The Tyranids are a new from-scratch force for me and I want to paint them up in my own scheme so this is where most of my effort will be going. It's not really a backlog when you are just starting the army ... right? I'll have more to say about them over the next few months. 

With most of the new stuff in good shape and one new army waiting to begin the gaping hole in my current state is the Imperial backlog - beefing up the Crimson Fists with a bunch of newer Primaris stuff, major reinforcements to the Imperial Guard, and massive updates for the Black Templars ... this is probably where I should be spending my time but I suspect the Nids will jump in front of them. 

Anyway there's the ramble for this week. I may actually have to put up some pictures of these things as we move into fall. More to come for sure.