Friday, September 29, 2023

40K Friday - Leviathan Work


I should really be working on completely finishing up the rest of the Necrons but sometimes the new and shiny takes precedence. I've started digging in to the Leviathan marines with the Balistus dreads going first (see above) because they are fairly simple to build being a simplified starter set type and also because dreadnoughts are cool. Two of those will be joining the Crimson Fists and one will go to the Black Templars most likely. The Fists are my "everything" army while the Templars are more melee focused but they do get some shooty units too. I have a couple of Redemptors set aside for them and a Brutalis but why not add an all-guns unit into the mix too? Someone has to provide all those Crusader squads with some covering fire, right?

The Terminators will also be going to the Fists - I have several squads already and the newer, bigger, types will just be additional squads for them. 

As for the rest right now I think one pyroblaster squad will join the Fists and one will go to the Templars. The Sternguard will mainly go to the Fists as well as they don't really fit my Templars. The Fists will also get one of each of the new characters and the others will likely go to the Templars - outside of the Terminator Librarian of course. He may join my Blood Angels. 

And that's really the breakdown right now - with way too many power armor armies I have to focus in at any given time so the new stuff goes into the Crimson Fists "let's get them brought up to snuff with a bunch of the new stuff" improvement program while the Black Templars await their turn (next) and the Blood Angels may be waiting for their own codex release for a big update. 

Lastly, my Imperial Fists army is all-terminators with some bikes (originally built as a Deathwing force many years ago) so I've just picked up some dreadnoughts to add to them and I am looking forward to that 1st Company Strike Force formation coming in the new codex. There will be no Primaris units added to this one - just more terminators perhaps down the road.

Also on a "new codex and it's inherent changes" note I of course finished painting a bike squad and a landspeeder squadron earlier this year, both of which now appear to be going to Legends. Ah well ...

From Leviathan that leaves the Tyranids and having gathered up quite the Nid army and the Codex and the cards it's a fairly big hill to climb. You have to start somewhere and getting them all built would at least let me play the army some to try it out. I'm probably going to start with the big monsters to run a crusher stampede as I can get that done faster. More to come there for sure.