Thursday, March 18, 2010

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...while we go explore some woods - never know what you might find!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Necessary Evil - Session Two, Part 1 - "Homecoming"

Last time we ended as the villains were dropped off in Southpoint after helping/being helped by Dr. Destruction. FireStrike was killed extracting a prisoner, and MegaStrike picked up a female prisoner named Valerie.

As we begin, Valerie thanks Mega and runs off into the city. Another escaped prisoner who had been unnoticed until now thanks to his amazing ninja skills introduced himself and asked if he could stay with one of them until he could find his own place. This brought up the question of where they were going to stay. Fortunately Night Terror is extremely wealthy and has a penthouse condo in Uptown, so he invited everyone back to his place.

Interlude: Correct Character names - I kind of dropped this last time so here, for the record, are the names and the players:

Night Terror, played by Dave: he has a ranged Dark Energy blast and can make himself intangible, phasing through walls and being difficult to hit. He was a hired assassin before the invasion (and probably after too)

MegaStrike, played by Steve: He is strong and tough and somewhat radioactive. He is from Russia and has an accent and was clearly a super-thug before the invasion.

Nissaven, played by Aubrie: She is a teenage vampire. She is fast, strong, and can hypnotize people into doing what she wants if she can get close to them.

Night Blade, played by Will: he is a Ninja who is deadly with his katana*, fast, and stealthy.
(This is the replacement for FireStrike, RIP. I brought him in this way because it was easy, fast, and fit the character - less bogdown, more fun.)

So the team proceeds to Night Terror's pad to hang out and decide what to do next.
(DM note: I am not afraid to push things along as a DM** but when I am starting a new campaign, using a new system, and have a new group of players I like to back off and let them figure things out. So there was a LOT of in and out of character talk and debate and teasing and general bonding. I liked it so I let it go on without an urgent call from Doctor D. Productive? not especially, but it beings the players together and that's a long term investment worth making.

So Day 1 of the campaign is breaking out and then finding their way back to the Stackpole Building and the condo.

Day 2 of the campaign starts off with the group looking at a way to strike back at the V'sori - some were thinking money robbery, some were thinking assassination - basically they're looking to hurt these guys where they will feel it. Several rumors were heard and they decided to head out to the Rolling Hills Golf Club in Prospect Point, where talk around the building says that the aliens have closed the 19th hole and started some kind of project. The party gets in the car and heads out. Notice - no calls to Dr. D, no out of character worrying about the plot, just find a target and go - I have great players.

This is getting rather lengthy so I will continue in part 2

* I know ninjas didn't use katanas but 30+ years of Hollywood is getting in the way of that.

** I know it's not D&D so I technically shouldn't be the "DM" but we've used that for so long that I'm always the "DM" even if there aren't any dungeons in the game we're playing. Plus being a football fan and a bit of a car guy "GM" already has some fairly common uses that are just confusing. So "DM" it is.