Friday, December 1, 2023

40K Friday: Works in Progress


Catching up the recent work has mainly been Marines, World Eaters, and Tyranids.

  • I was building and painting my Crimson Fists and have made pretty decent progress though there is still a lot to do with all of the Leviathan stuff still in waiting for paint at least and a fair amount yet to be built. 
  • I took a look when the very late 9th edition codex released for the World Eaters and gathered up my very slowly progressing army and decided to put it out in the on-deck section of the work table. I needed some backpacks (of all things) for my berserkers and something I could use as eviscerators as that was a new option with their recent updates.

    With all of the parts gathered I built the squads ... and now I have 40 old school berserkers waiting for paint. Well, more like 20 now as I've managed to get some color on 2 squads with one almost completed. It's tricky finding the exact paint scheme I want to commit to putting on that many guys but they are chaos-aligned so each one will be a little different. They are very close to playable now.
  • Finally I have started building my Tyranids - that's them up top. I started with the big beasties as those look like the most fun for now and I have quite a few more to go. I'm not worried about paint just yet as the weather is not great for spraying but I do have a color scheme in mind so no uncertainty there. I figure I can play them as gray plastic if I have to so the priority is to put them together first, as an army, and then start the painting process when I can. It feels good to have a brand new army that will be 100% built and painted by me. I did it with my Necrons and liked it a lot so I'm doing it with the 'Nids now. 

    And yes they're going in the display case to help clear space on the table. And to remind me they are ready for paint. No I don't normally do this so that's a new wrinkle too.

So progress continues even when the posts slow down. Hopefully I will have more to show a little bit down the road. 

Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Wargame Wednesday - The History of Panzerblitz


A short post today with a link to a pretty thorough history of Panzerblitz - it's origins, early development, and eventual publishing history. Panzerblitz was a tremendously influential game as the first big popular tactical level game and one that would be in print and selling copies for  20+ years as well as spawning multiple direct and not-so-direct descendants. If you were playing wargames in the 70's and 80's you likely played this game and Panzer Leader and some of the other related games as well. I still have my battered copy I picked up 40 years ago and break it out every once in a while to touch on those early experiences again. If you are at all interested in the background of the game here is a really nice trove of information:

Link: An Informal History of the Development of PanzerBlitz