Friday, April 5, 2024

40K Friday - Blood Angel Additions


With the Crimson Fists progressing nicely I side-tracked for a bit into my Blood Angels. I picked up a semi-painted outrider bike force including a chaplain and then realized I had several units in a very-close-to-done state that wouldn't take all that much effort to move into the display case. So I spent a week touching up paint, redoing bases, adding decals, and gluing lost bits back on.

There's a nice 6-bike unit of outriders almost done now, along with a 3-bike squad I've had waiting on a finish for a while now, plus the chaplain on bike - that's a very cool model. I've had one in the box for some time that is destined for my Black Templars one day but it's very cool to have one put together and just about finished. I've wanted to add some of the new bikes to my BA force for a while now and this makes me very happy.

I also have a painted leviathan dreadnought sitting around waiting to be put back together and based properly and that will be this weekend's project. Paint-wise he just needs a little touch up and then he needs some decals applied and he should be good to go. I don't care that they're legends now - we don't let that keep the cool stuff off of the table.

There is a 90% painted jump pack thunderhammer captain - just needs his weapons painted - that's been loitering on the shelf for a while and he could be another "easy finish" if I focus on him for an evening or two.

I had a squad of terminators that had been waiting for a while to have their bases done so  I started with them. They're finished and in the case now so it has been a productive week.

Down the road I need to finish the 15+ sanguinary guard sitting in a half-finished state on a shelf. This feels more important now as I assume they will be replaced by a new kit later this year so it would be nice to have them out of the backlog before I have to tackle the new ones.

Beyond that there are various intercessors, assault intercessors, assault terminators, and the always-more-in-progress death company to tackle.

More to come.