Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Movies! TV! Wild Speculation!

I see the Wayne Enterprises/Stark Enterprises merger is going well...
Might as well get 'em all out in one post:


  • I liked Age of Ultron. It wasn't quite as much of a rush as the first Avengers movie, mainly because it wasn't the first, but I thought it was still good. 
  • I really liked Mad Maxx. It's definitely worth seeing if you liked any of the first three. even if that doesn't ping your radar, I promise you won't see anything else that looks like it this year. 
  • Jurassic World looked good but plot-wise felt like a remake of the original movie. That's OK because I liked the first movie a lot. I just would have liked to have seen a little more "new".
  • I'm cautiously optimistic for Ant-Man. It looks like they're taking the right tone with it, and I like the idea of Michael Douglas playing Hank Pym. There's a lot they could do with that and he's a great choice to play him if they do. 
  • Fantastic Four I am not optimistic about at all. In the trailer I see a dark look and tone which is about as far from the FF as you can get. I know there's been a lot of furor about the film already but I think it's going to have a lot of problems beyond casting choices. 
  • Terminator Genesys - don't know, hoping to see it sometime this week, watched the first three with Apprentice Blaster in preparation. 

Pretty sure that is not an accident

  • The new trailer for Batman vs. Superman looks a lot more interesting but it still looks _so_serious_ and really dark. I'm not sure we need this much Dark Knight Returns this early in the program (and it is a whole bunch of DKR, see above) but maybe they can pull it off. 
  • Ash vs. Evil Dead is a show! Sold!
  • Shannara is going to be a show too - wait, what? Well, the trailer looks pretty at least. I'm going to keep expectations low as I did not like the books, but maybe they can do something interesting with it. 
  • Finally, if you haven't watched the SDCC trailer for Star Wars and you are reading this blog, go ahead and take a look at it here.

More to come!