Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Updates for Early August

Activity continues even if the blog has not been keeping up - here's an attempt to improve that situation:
  • PLAYING: I've started a new M&M campaign for the 50 Fathoms group. It's a "limited" campaign and will only run probably ten sessions or less but I'm hoping it will set up interest and momentum for a regular ongoing campaign.
  • NOT PLAYING: The ongoing old-school 5E Isle of Dread Campaign is in a holding pattern while the Con Crew handles their business
  • READING: Pathfinder Second Edition - i like what I see so far and I am of course considering what I might run for an initial tryout of the new system
  • MINIATURES: Working on some new army lists for 40K and I will probably try one of them out with Blaster this weekend.
  • ONLINE: City of Heroes Homecoming - maybe not every day but multiple days each week sees the Amazing Aluminum Man and friends adventuring in Paragon City once again!
The Supersonic Man investigates a disturbance beneath the city streets!