Thursday, November 16, 2023

Deadlands Campaign Catch-Up


Well I have run 29 sessions of my Deadlands "The Flood" campaign and we are close to the end, likely finishing up at session 33 or 34 in the near future. It's been a lot of fun and brought in some new players even as old ones stepped away and one of my challenges will be maintaining that energy with whatever we do next.

We started in September of 2021 with an easy opening, moved into "Comin' Round the Mountain" (an adaptation of the original Deadlands starter adventure) for a couple of sessions to get our feet wet, then rode the rails into California and have been there since session #3. The funny thing is I feel like there are still large areas we could explore further, both inland and in the Great Maze. That said the characters are about to hit Legendary status and so it is time to wrap up their story ... for now anyway.

One interesting note: no character deaths so far! Outside of superhero campaigns it's rare for one of my games to go this long with no one dying. This is especially true of a game where bullets and magic are flying in nearly every session. This has also deprived my players the opportunity to dive into the whole "Harrowed" section of the rules which is unfortunate. Oh well, maybe in the next Weird West campaign!

Now there have been gaps - moving last year and various holiday schedule conflicts have gotten in the way, alongside my determination to run different RPG's on different weekends. I did drop that last part recently as once I realized we were close I decided to let the other games go to ensure we used every opportunity to wrap up the main campaign properly.  

It's been a good run.