Friday, July 28, 2023

Catch-Up Time


Tres Gatos

Had a lot going on around here lately so posts have been sparse. I took some time to go and get married so that did have an impact but things are settling down now. It's also Con Prep Month so a bunch of my players are tied up with that so the regular RPG action dries up until August. But things are not -completely- idle.

With the slowdown RPG action turns from "running" to "reading" and after working through MB and The Black Hack I am working on Hellfrost for Savage Worlds, the Trinity Core rules & Aeon (again), and Traveller Mongoose 2.0 Core 2022 Updated Edition etc. etc. with Sine Nomine's Wolves of God and Godbound on deck. Trying to cut down the stack but it's been a slow go with everything else going on and trying to read some non-game books too.

RPG-wise I am also contemplating what to do after Deadlands wraps up. It's a few months off at least but I like to have some options ready to go. More on that later.

Fred on the Fence

With 10th edition 40K in that weird quiet time between the initial launch and the release of the first codex I've managed to work in at least one game and pick up some new units, new terrain, some of the index datacards (mostly for codexes we know are a long way off), and to manage some painting here and there. 

The weather is not cooperative here right now as it's too humid in the mornings and too hot in the afternoons to spray anything and considering that affects both the first step and the last step in my process I am developing a logjam of almost-finished stuff and built-and-ready-to-start stuff. My Necrons especially are suffering here and I am feeling it because they are very close to "complete" as an army - well as "complete" as an actively-played army can be anyway.

The plan was to finish the robots up and then dive into the Tyranids but it's not moving very quickly. In between the pile of Crimson Fists that are ready for paint and the Berzerkers in the same state to mostly finish out my World Eaters are getting some though no enough attention. Then there are the shelves full of Black Templars and Imperial Guard that are sitting there waiting for a turn as well. I might have overdone that whole "getting ready for 10th" thing. At least those two are playable armies I was just adding to, not starting from scratch.

Ranger and Sam the newest cat

Computer-wise it's been intermittent City of Heroes, some World of Warships, and starting out Baldur's Gate 3.

So it's an active summer if not especially game-intensive - a bit of a break between a busy spring and a hopefully busy fall.  

(Slow gametime-wise so why not some animal pictures? Enjoy.)