Friday, October 7, 2016

40K Friday: Pretty Quiet

Not a ton to report on the 40K front. I picked up a nicely painted Fuegan for Blaster, more because it was a good deal than because of any request on his part. He was happy with it so that was a win.

I also picked up a nicely painted 5-squad of the old metal Wraithguard for my Iyanden army. I was trying to keep the new army to new/latest models only but it was a really good deal, they were already painted well (so no new work for me), and I have been thinking about picking up a fourth squad anyway for some flexibility with the Wraith Host anyway. My concern was that sometimes I may not want to take the Wraithblades but I pretty much have to right now to field the host. One more standard wraithcannon squad gives me more options and more options are good.

We haven't played much since school started back up. Football started back up too and we're trying to keep the Pathfinder game on track so that's cut into the mini-painting and playing time. We might work it in this weekend but we haven't planned it out just yet. We've played enough this year that I don't feel a ton of pressure to force in a game or keep it on a schedule so that's a positive change.

More on this next week.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Three from TV 2016 - Westworld, Ash, and the Flash

The new TV season has started up and I have managed to catch some of the stuff I was looking forward to seeing. Short takes after one episode:

  • Westworld - looks pretty interesting. It was a cool concept that was somewhat limited by the effects of the 70's and standards and practices of the 70's as well. Between modern effects, being on HBO, and drawing in a pretty impressive set of actors I think it has a ton of potential. There were some twists on the original in the first episode that indicate we're getting a different take on the story and that's just fine.

  • Ash vs. Evil Dead (Season 2): The first episode of the second season dives right in to what makes this show great. Comedy, over the top gore, and some genuine spookiness mix together into a truly fun 30 minutes. Unexpected greatness: Lee Majors as Ash's dad! Awesome!

  • Flash (Season 3): Flashpoint! A story I know little about! I was worried we were going to get another multi-episode alternate world/timeline arc but it seems that we're mostly getting back to the main timeline after this one episode. Clearly there are problems coming out of this one that will go on for a while to keep things interesting but we're not in Earth 2 or the past or the future. I admit, I'd like to see a season without a big focus on time travel or alternate earths, just Flash being a superhero and doing Flash stuff but I suppose time travel and parallel worlds is a chunk of what Flash does. They've done well with the first two seasons so I am comfortable they will do season 3 right too. 

Monday, October 3, 2016

A Hobby-Crossing Article: "Choice is wonderful. Homogeneity is horrible."

The whole game thing is one of my interests but not the only one. From one of my favorite car sites comes this article that describes how I feel about both. I have nothing to add to it, I just wanted to share - well said!

Meme-tastic Monday

Guess what started up last night?