Saturday, April 16, 2011

P is for: Psycho Ex-Wife

Believe it or not this is one of Lady Blacksteel's characters and I did not make it for her - this is totally her own creation.

She looks so innocent sitting there
She crossed out my original entry for P and substituted one of her favorites. When I then told her that I expected her to write the entry for today as a guest-blogger she responded "the blog is YOUR thing" so I'm left in the position of writing about someone else's character.

I can tell you that she looks like a typical businesswoman apart from the tiny horns and the devil-tail, and the flaming purple aura that fires up when she gets angry.

Teamed up with the Unearthly Uberman
I'm not totally clear on her origin - well, her in-game origin, that is. You can take your guesses as to the real-life inspiration for this character.

Anyway she can usually be found right in the thick of combat, fired up and jump-kicking bozos with high spinning kicks pulled off quite impressively in her stylish high heels. She is often part of a team effort to take down villains though her companions vary from adventure to adventure - perhaps it's a commitment thing. She's been known to take the role of party face, which works well until she loses her temper. Once the flames  come on the time for talking is over and the violence begins.

She's the hero the city deserves... well some of the city anyway...

Psycho Ex-Wife for ICONS:

Prowess: 8 (Amazing) She's as good a fighter as any normal human could be, then she pushes beyond using a power from beyond
Coordination: 7 (Incredible) She's Incredibly graceful
Strength: 5 (Excellent) Stronger than you would think to look at her - until you notice the horns 
Intellect: 7 (Incredible) She's smarter than any normal man 
Awareness: 2 (Poor) Sensitivity? HAH!
Willpower: 10 (Unearthly) Nothing in the universe can change her mind once it's made up

Stamina: 15
Determination: 1

Origin: Transformed

Specialties: Acrobatics, Law (Expert +2), Martial Arts, Performance (Acting)

Elemental Control (Fire) - 8 (Amazing) Aura, Force Field, Creation (purple fire), Shaping
Emotion Control - 6 (Remarkable) Her irresistible charisma is effectively a super power, plus she knows exactly which buttons to push
Super Senses 1 - Detect Lie

"Temporary Loyalty" - PXW will fight ferociously for her current allies to the point of risking her own life. Once a particular mission or adventure is over though, there's no guarantee she will stay with them for another adventure. She forms no long-term attachments, but her short-term ones are ironclad. 

"Psycho" - PXW is no longer entirely human and wants to see her enemies dead. She has no mercy once combat is joined and will not leave the field if she is conscious and an enemy is still standing. 

"Ex-Wife" - PXW has spent a lot of time with the legal system and is not afraid to pursue litigation. Her cell phone could serve as a directory to al of the lawyers in the city and to the court clerks as well. She files, pursues, and defends against various lawsuits on a daily basis, sometimes taking calls between fights or while on the way to  villain's lair. She also runs a free legal service for women seeking divorce that has quickly become veeeeery popular among women in the city and has caused her to become feared and reviled by much of the male population.  

She teamed up with Blue Aluminum Man once - fire and ice! 
Note: Lady Blacksteel will not be upset if you use PXW as a villain instead of a hero - after all, PXW's are often misunderstood.

PXW teams up with the famous Dr. Von Sane

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