Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Mutants & Masterminds Condition Cards


Something new here at the end of 2020 - something very useful in play! 

A lot of the action in M&M involves inflicting various conditions on PCs and NPCs. It's one of the reasons M&M is one of the few games where I like to keep  a computer handy but that's more for me to use as the GM. It's still tricky sometimes for the players to keep track of who is in what state and being able to hand them a card with the details on it is a huge win for everyone at the table.

There are three "types" to help make the searching a little quicker and they are otherwise self-explanatory. Including the "supersedes" note is a great touch. It's nice to be clear on exactly how things can get worse for our heroes.

As "conditions" have become a more common concept in RPGs over the last decade I have picked up similar types of products for Pathfinder and for D&D 5E and we use them in just about every session.

"...OK and now you're blinded"

"Uh, is that a -2?"


(Problem solved)

Now you absolutely do not need these to play the game. They are a "bonus" if you have a few extra bucks but they are one that in my experience is well worth it. They end up around $20 in a nice plastic deckbox with shipping and having gotten my hands on them I can recommend them without hesitation if you play M&M with any regularity.


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