Friday, December 18, 2020

40K Friday - December 2020


Well we haven't played a whole lot recently but some general army progress has been made... and not just with 40K.

  • 40K is still the big game here and we have played multiple games of 9th, I just haven't been posting them up here. For me it's been a lot of working on marines, especially with the codex out, and that will likely be a thing for quite some time. I've beefed up the Eldar a little bit (and played a few games with them too) and worked on both the Death Guard and the Nurgle Daemons too. 
  • Age of Sigmar - not a lot of action but I'm trying to get the armies into better shape. I added a lot of reinforcements, especially to the Stormcast, early in the year but a lot of it is still sitting on the sprue and not in playable shape. I need to fix that.
  • Kings of War - I dove into the undead army this year. Quite a bit of it is painted and now it's getting based up. So many skeletons ... The Orcs are in good shape forces-wise, I just need to get them based up as well.
  • Flames of War - a new itch. I've always felt I should have more historical miniatures than I really do and I've gone back and forth between Flames of War (bigger battles & more tanks) and Bolt Action (28mm fits better with all of my terrain and is better for any potential WW2 crossover RPG type options. For the moment I'm digging in to FoW and we're going to play some games with it first, but I expect to pick up some Bolt Action items as well. 

There are definitely some other temptations floating around out there. I've resisted adding any new 40K armies to the pile but with a new edition I have a lot of books to buy as they come out anyway. There's a new WW2 naval miniatures game out too from Warlord - well, a new edition of one anyway, and a fantasy ship game from Mantic I want to investigate but those will have to wait a bit. 

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