Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Overreaction Wednesday - Release Dates!

D&D Next/5th/Yet Another Edition coming on 7/15? At least in starter set form it does seem likely. Article on ENWorld here, furious discussion about it on ENWorld here.

Warhammer 40,000 7th/Surprise/Gold-Plated Edition is definitely coming 5/24 (no starter set til August most likely, but the big rulebook will be drop-podding in within two weeks! Here is a video with Jervis Johnson talking about the changes. That's shockingly modern of GW - good job.

Yep, only two things! Isn't that enough? Are you not entertained?

OK fine, here is a funny video for 40K fans - Link. There is harsh language, a lot of harsh language, both audio and printed on the screen. Some familiarity with the universe will make it much funnier.

I don't have a funny D&D video, but WOTC has a bunch of D&D-related videos here. If you're bored and need 12 hours of video of other people playing D&D I'm pretty sure it's in there.

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