Monday, October 28, 2013

13th Age SRD

Well I'm not really doing anything with it right now but there is an open version of it out there.

Original (downloadable documents) version is here.

Nifty online hyperlinked version is here.

One of these days I'll probably take a serious run at a campaign with it but for now 4E, Pathfinder, and Next have filled in the fantasy RPG space at the table.


Adam Dickstein said...

That little imp that lives inside me and urges me to try any and every game that comes along wants me to give this a look but my guardian angel keeps threatening him with what appear to be divine brass knuckles.

Blacksteel said...

I know what you mean - it's similar to a free-to-play MMO: the only thing it will cost you is time.

Adam Dickstein said...

If only I had no other interests, lol.

Unknown said...

Wanted to let you know of another 13th Age SRD, this one at, created by me, the same main guy behind the Pathfinder SRD Thanks! Oh also, I'll be continuing to tweak and improve the layout, not just tossing some unlinked pages up and forgetting about them! Check back and feel free to contact me with ideas or suggestions at!

Blacksteel said...

Cool, I will add that one to the list - your Pathfinder page is the one I recommend to my players.