Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Non-Dungeon Stuff Update

It's been pretty D&D-intensive around here lately with the combination of Next, Pathfinder, and the ongoing 4E game - and there is more coming - but I wanted to talk about the other stuff.
  • Icons: nothing new really. I'm reading Stark City but we haven't tried to do anything with the game for a few months now. I may turn SC over to one of the apprentices to see if they want to try running something. Team-Up did finally come out but I'm not going to worry about it until we start playing more.
  • Marvel Heroic: The boys want to continue our Antarctic adventure but we haven't had time or have decided to play something else instead. these things come in surges and right now we're "surging" on D&D type games. It will come back around to this at some point though.
  • Savage Worlds: If we run anything here it will probably be Deadlands. I have an outline for campaign but I don't have a timeslot for it. Someday I'd like to pick up our Necessary Evil game too but I don't  have a slot for that either. And of course there is always Weird War 2 which pushes a bunch of buttons for me. Ah well, SW is in the "want-to" bin right now more than anything else.
  • Gamma World: I finally picked up the last box for the 2010/2011 edition of GW, "Legion of Gold" which expands the rules options in some nice ways and completes the campaign begun in the main boxed set with a trip to the moon of gamma terra. It looks interesting and one of these days we will play through it.
  • Vague interests, nothing concrete: Traveller, Trek, Star Wars, Rifts, Shadowrun - the usual suspects, always interested but never enough to actually bump something else and start a game.  
The one non-D&D thing we have played semi-regularly (though there's been a gap for the last month or so) is Mutants and Masterminds. It's been all 3E this year but despite my proclamation a few months back I'm back to leaning towards running a 2E game because I sat down and worked out an outline using the published material I have and realized I could probably run for a year on it alone. Given that pile of plots, stats, and maps, and the near-zero prep time, why am I not running this? 

I have a concept in mind I am calling "Freedom City: Year One" which is comic book terms would be following the adventures of a group of brand new heroes who all appear in the same one-year period and begin careers as superheroes in the shadow of the well-established and well-known Freedom League. No, it's not super-original but it is more specific "concept-wise as opposed to my usual "make up some heroes and we'll figure it out" approach. More on that tomorrow. In the meantime, yes, I am working on figuring out a timeslot to run this alongside my "dungeon overload" of late 2013.

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