Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Dungeon Stuff - An Update

You'd think after playing this game for multiple decades there wouldn't be much left that I didn't already have, but they keep ... making ... more ... stuff! I manage to resist the collector/completist bug most of the time (I don't have "everything" for the first three editions of D&D) but I do like to have "main" books for any game I am attempting to run. To sort things out:

  • 4th Edition: Still running it as the main campaign. Picking up the last few WOTC books and looking over the small-but-maybe-not-as-small-as-you-think number of books published by companies other than WOTC. I have almost all of the WOTC stuff but I'm thinking the "endgame" of collecting 4E is picking up the D&D Encounters and LFR modules. There was quite a pile of stuff that was not put on store shelves and I expect next year's game will be to pick up that stuff if I'm still feeling it.
  • Pathfinder: Starting to run it as the "second" campaign and picking up the core books as I go. Paizo has published a LOT of stuff for this game so I'm trying to narrow my focus to only those things are relevant to my current campaign. The PDF's are very nicely priced at $9.99 each for the big rulebooks, but those are exactly the kinds of things I like to have in book form to pass around the table. To avoid overloading the budget I'm taking a "PDF's now, books later" approach where I can. 
  • Next: Running it for the Apprentices when time allows and thankfully there's nothing else to "get" for this one right now. Hopefully my Pathfinder library will be under control by the time they start charging for this one.
  • OSR type stuff: Don't need any more rules but I am looking forward to the second half of Stonehell coming out, even if our expeditions into the first half are stalled out. Adventures are about the only thing I look for when it comes to the older editions these days. 
I'm probably going to stop worrying about the other stuff - our "pure" basic game and our 4E ToEE, and even Stonehell - until the boys ask me to run them again. I may take a shot at converting Stonehell to Next but that will probably not happen in the immediate future. The others aren't going anywhere and can be picked up anytime.

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