Saturday, May 11, 2013

Super Saturday: Comic Book Stuff for May

I've been reading a lot of older stuff via the magic of the iPad.

In March I went back and read the entire Civil War event.

In April I went back and read Planet Hulk. I skipped it when it was new, but I really liked it after reading the whole thing. Watched the animated version with the Apprentices too. It's alright but it leaves out a lot.

For May I decided that I needed to work in some DC so I started back with Crisis on Infinite Earths, Death of Superman, then Reign of the Supermen. I'm working on Knightfall and Zero Hour.

What other, newer, DC stuff are the high points of say the last 20 years? Down the road I want to read some longer runs of individual books but there are a lot of the "Event" type things I missed and I want to fill in the gaps. Any suggestions?


Martin R. Thomas said...

I recently got back into comics, too.

For Marvel events, you might want to check out Avengers Disassembled and also House of M. The latter, I particularly, directly impacts the current state of the Marvel universe. A more recent event is Avengers vs. X-Men, which was actually way brtter than I anticipated.

For DC, Kingdom Come is a cool Elseworlds event with spectacular art. There's also Identity Crisis, Infinite Crisis, and Final Crisis. And then there's Flashpoint, which is what set up the current New 52 universe and is also the subject of the next DC Animated Universe movie coming out in July.

Some of the collected editions of the New 52 stuff is good, too, especially the Batman stuff.

Blacksteel said...

Thanks Martin - I've been pretty good about keeping up with the Marvel side of things, I'm just filling in a few gaps here and there. The DC side is where I am really behind - thanks for the guidance.