Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Zebulon Space - Session 3

Picking up where we left off, our heroes are following a tribe of Ul-Mor through the desert, hoping to get somewhere more hospitable and figure out some options for getting off the planet. Soon enough they come to a mountainous area and find out that the clan intends to travel through some caverns to avoid the nastier parts of the desert.

Because they were not tribe members the group was forced to remain apart from the main body of the Ul-Mor. This had not been a problem but it was a major inconvenience once they went underground, even more  so once a cave-in cut them off from their guides.Firing up their glowrods, the party pressed on.

In a two day journey through the caverns the three encountered Womp Ratsies (dispatched via sabers and blasters), a sleeping Volturnian Cave Bear (dispatched in its sleep by the Rodian Scoundrel using a coup-de-grace), some fresh water (consumed), a lake of fire (crossed via mushroom bridges and force powers), a crazed Ul-Mor with fungus growing on his body (politely ignored), a large underground lake (crossed via giant mushroom cap turned upside down), a carnivorous water monster shark thing (dispatched via saber and blaster), and finally, a way out!

High points here were the boys figuring out how to cross the fire lake and then later figuring out how to cross the water lake. They were pretty happy with their mushroom boats. The shark fight was spectacular as it attacked Who's Rodian's raft, but Red's Jedi force-gripped it to keep it from attacking again while Blaster's Jedi leapt onto the beast itself, attacking with his saber as the Scoundrel shot it at point blank range. Once dealt with he leapt back off of it and Red released his grip, allowing it to sink beneath the surface. There was also some fun with fungus and the crazy Ul-Mor hermit.

Emerging back into the world they discovered the Ul-Mor tribe nearby, joined back up, and headed for the ritual site. After another day they made camp and informed the heroes to prepare. The tribe also loaned them some spears to help make up for their lack of limbs. Not surprisingly the Jedi decided to stick with their sabers and trust in the force. The Scoundrel had no intention of getting close enough to a wild beast to need one and kept his blaster handy. The next day the human, the rodian, and the kel-dor took on a strange-looking local predator and eventually slew it, Proving their manhood and becoming members of the tribe.

After beating the quickdeath (a lightly modified Corellian Sand Panther from Threats of the Galaxy) the boys were very happy to have completed this part of the adventure, to be part of the tribe, and to have reached 2nd level. This wrapped up SF-0 as well. Next time, we begin SF-1.

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