Saturday, February 13, 2010

Miniatures Renaissance

In the non-role-playing department it's been a good year already.

We are playing 40K on a regular basis which I have not done in years and it's motivating me to paint figures and finish armies acquired as far back as Rogue Trader or 2nd edition.

I played my first game of Battlefleet Gothic with my own miniatures - I have had the game since it came out but I only ever played a few games at cons or stores using other people's ships. Now mine are finally getting some action.

I also played my first game of Blood Bowl, another long-held-rarely-played classic. We did that on Super Bowl Sunday before the big game. Now that the kids are old enough to play some of these, it's a lot easier to get a game going.

Tomorrow we will play our first game of Song of Blades and Heroes which I have been following for over a year but have not had a chance to play. Now with 4 warbands built we are ready to do some fantasy skirmishing.

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