Friday, March 17, 2017

40K Friday - Mayhem Pack Complete

I finally finished up the trio of helbrutes that forms the Mayhem pack for my Iron Warriors. Each is painted somewhat differently, but I think they look they still belong to the same force. They have some custom bases (to help them stand out), with snow (to help them blend in with the rest of the snow-themed army) and while I don;t think these pictures quite do them justice it'll have to do.

Nothing like deep-striking multiple crazed chaos dreadnoughts into the enemy backfield to stir up some trouble. I may get to field them in their final state as soon as this Sunday.

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Jeremy said...

Nice paint jobs and bases. Jared just finished painting his first Chaos warband today. He's having some friends over and they are going to do some kind of 4 player crazy throw down match to cap off spring break. Hope you and yours get to do the same. ^_^