Thursday, August 20, 2015

RPGaDay - Day 20 - Favorite Horror RPG

I should probably just pass on this one as I'm not a big fan of Horror RPG's. I played Call of Cthulu a couple of times and it just wasn't for me. Chill looked like it might be more fun but I never found anyone locally who ran or played it.

The closest thing I've ever seen to what I think horror RPGs are going for is when running or playing old school D&D and the party runs into level-draining undead. That's where fear becomes evident on the players faces and the mighty player characters begin running around like startled rabbits.

Other than that I don't see "horror" as a genre I'm interested in pursuing as a campaign of it's own. Using it as an occasional element in some other kind of campaign - sure. I've seen various "weird" D&D adventures, I've seen attempts at horror in some supers games, and I've seen a horror adventure for Traveller set on a ship in jump space where it seems like something is trying to get into the ship - that one was actually pretty decent. But as a dedicated campaign? Not for me.

Poison was also known to have a similar effect to level drain at times.
The closest thing to this kind of campaign I could embrace is a zombie apocalypse game. It's really more of a fusion of horror and post-apocalyptic so it's probably not "pure" horror but I could definitely play or run a zombie game. Overdone or not it, it's a popular genre and I still think there's plenty of fun to be had there.

What, I have to pick a game? Fine:

This version is for Savage Worlds but regardless of system I love the way it begins and the first several chapters. I've only read so far into it but I do like the part I have read. One of these days ...

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