Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Underreaction Wednesday

There is just not a whole lot going on out there. I suppose we're in a pre-gen-con slow period but it still seems really quiet right now as far as RPG activity. There are a few things that might be of interest though:

  • Stonehell Part 2 continues to move forward - looking forward to it Mr. Curtis
  • Here's a sorta-kinds Dark Sun update. Not sure about the album part of it but it's something though there's not much to it yet.
  • EN World has a poll up about most anticipated RPG of 2013. Compared to last year I'm not seeing much but SR5 should be worth a look at least. Stonehell and Emerald City may be the "peaks" for me for the remainder of 2013.
  • Updates etc. about Next here
  • There's been some talk on the mailing list over the last few weeks about a second edition for ICONS - Steve Kenson discusses it here. I'm not sure it needs one but if we're talking "revamp" more than "re-do" I think it's probably fine.

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