Friday, June 7, 2024

40K Friday - Ork Horde Gathering


Not much playing around here lately but plenty of building. Even before the release of the Ork codex for 10th I was feeling like I needed to spruce up my horde. For one, I felt like it was finally time to upgrade the green tide to 32mm bases on the boyz so that's a project that really got rolling in May. Some of the units were in a playable-but-never-really-finished-to-my-regular-standards state so there is painting going on as well.

And yes ... my Goff army core is 120 2nd edition Goff boyz. What plays into the "faceless horde" more than 100+ identical miniatures? Each 20-man mob has a slightly different paint job and markings to make unit identification possible and then the nob for each squad is an old metal nob because they just fit together. 

Building this out for 10th I am also making sure I have 3 warbosses and 3 weirdboyz - all old metal units also - because that seems to ba the way to run a green tide army right now. Most of this I've had for years anyway so some of it is just reorganizing and touching up paint jobs. For example some of these were organized in 30-ork mobs for earlier editions and need to be touched up to make some new 20-ork groups. 

Rebasing also means trying to ensure that what I do now matches up with the basing I did back in the 90's. This actually hasn't been terrible as I used a lot of "Woodland Scenics" train flock back then and they are still around as are many of those same products. Adding a few modern touches like tufts here and there livens up the bases while being easily retrofittable to the stuff where the bases are already good.

Beyond this I am touching up my Battlewagons as that's how these will mostly be run and finally finishing up my Ghazghkul model so his current ridiculously huge version can lead the force while his old 2E models take over as Warbosses for individual mobs. Part of this will be building and painting the Meganobz that will serve as his bodyguard too. If I can maintain focus the old ork army will be looking pretty good.

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