Friday, June 21, 2024

40K Friday: Balance Dataslate and Thinking About Age of Sigmar


The new balance document is out as is the new points update. There are a ton of changes there  - except for Tau for some reason. I'm playing a lot less 40K these days so I find myself caring less about these kinds of adjustments and getting more annoyed when they have to make major changes to army books that were released just a month or two back (orks) and make dramatic changes to how things such as universal stratagems work. I'm much more a fan of start adjusting points first, possibly for multiple rounds, then if you still have a problem you start adjusting the rules mechanics. With this edition it seems like it takes forever and is heavy-handed when it does come through.

Age of Sigmar is getting a new edition in a few weeks and I will probably check it out as a I have several very-low-mileage Sigmar armies floating around. I'm not sure how hard I'm going to dive into this one as interest has been low here in general. They do seem to be changing up quite a bit of the mechanical side of the game so it should be an interesting read at least. That said the starter box is looking mighty pricey and considering I have no interest in a Skaven army I may be buying just the book this time. We will see.

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