Friday, February 23, 2024

40K Friday: Terminators


Short and sweet this week: I'm working on the new style terminator marines. I acquired some in the Leviathan set and I picked up a couple of the full multi-part boxes. This is probably overkill but I really wanted to be able to field a 10-man squad with all weapon options for my Crimson Fists and to do that I needed extra bodies because I didn't feel like magnetizing these.

Also the Leviathan single-pose squad only comes with the sword option for the sergeant and termies can now take fists on their sergeants - at last! - and being the Crimson Fists I pretty much put power fists on all of my sergeants - tac squads, intercessor squads, assault squads ... wherever it is allowed that's what they have. This means one helmeted sarge and one un-helmeted sarge to allow for two 5-man units or one 10-man unit as needed. 

So that is the primary objective.

With whatever is left I intend to build out a squad for the Black Templars who are my next big marine-army project. I should have two sergeants with swords (thematic for the Templars) and a pair of extra assault cannons so that's where it will start. Longer term flamers are going to be a big part of my Templar force so I will likely add that option as well once I dig in.


JB said...

Crimson Fists are a favorite of mine as well.

Good luck with your painting. My eyes are getting so bad, that I'm having major difficulty doing any kind of detail work lately.

Blacksteel said...

Thanks JB - eyes are still OK here but it's not guaranteed forever is it? I started my Fists for 3rd Edition and I've been adding to them ever since though it is way more "bursts" than any kind of steady progression.