Monday, March 20, 2023

Meme-ish Monday


If Gavin Macleod was still with us would anyone be contemplating a "Stubing" series? 


Adam Dickstein said...

OMG...Imagine an episode of The Orville were Gavin Macleod plays a retiring Admiral - essentially an analog of Picard - and former mentor of Captain Ed Mercer.

The Orville has been tasked with returning the Admiral to Earth after departing his post of 20-some-odd years, some Space Station Outpost or other. The ships runs into weird aliens or space anomaly shenanigans and Ed feels obligated to include the Admiral for 'one last adventure'. The Admiral has a lot of experience and indeed Picard levels of notoriety but its been over two decades since he's been in the field.

I need to run an Orville campaign so badly. lol

Blacksteel said...

Oh I like that sir - I like that a lot.