Friday, August 11, 2017

Day 11: Which dead game would you like to see reborn?

I'm pretty sure I've referred to this game already in exactly this way already but I am happy to preach it again!

  • The Marvel movies are incredibly popular worldwide right now and have been for 9 years - so there's an audience and a chance to bring in new players.
  • It's a system that does not require miniatures or a map grid to play - all you need is one rulebook and some dice - so it's a low cost of entry compared to a lot of games. 
  • It has a ton of background available in the comics to mine for characters, villains, plotlines, set pieces ... everything really, and those comics are as cheaply available now as they have ever been - so inspiration is all over the place. 
It was a really good game with the potential to become great with just a little more time. I don't blame MWP for killing it as I assume the licensing terms from Marvel itself were the biggest problem. If it had a 5-year run and all of the supporting material and expansion one would expect from that kind of run - see FFG's Star Wars as of this year for an example - then I would not feel this as much as I do. Right now it feels like it was cut down before it really had a chance to develop. That doesn't mean I won't be doing something with it, it just means I'd love to see those exact same product brought back and then expanded.

Runner Up

Gamma World. I mean we have Mutant Crawl Classics emerging now but with recent kickstarters for Metamorphosis Alpha and for Top Secret the Revised Retro Game is clearly a trend - so why not the one I like best?

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