Friday, March 13, 2015

40K Friday - Spring Break Chaos

Among other things, the goal for the spring break staycation this year was to make some progress on the 40K armies. Originally I was thinking this was going to be my Blood Angels but the wet weather made spraying on a base coat a bad idea. So I decided to organize instead.

Guest appearance by Alessandro, Apprentice Twilight's recently acquired furry companion.

This rapidly turned into "dump a bunch of armies on the table and see what I can do and what I need with each" and soaked up most of a day's mini-time by itself. The good thing is that with the laptop right there (once it was pulled out from under the drop pods and bits boxes) it was easy to jump on ebay and order bits in rational quantities for exactly what I needed.

Not ... the ... minis ...

I now have a solid 1850 list for the Dark Angels which is very paint-able in say, a week. It just won't be this week. The Blood Angels are waiting in line behind them, and the Eldar are behind them. What did take off unexpectedly was Chaos.

Everybody likes Code Red
I have 20 more Iron Warriors CSM squads built and almost painted up. So that "ally force" is now over 1000 points on it's own. Chaos Lord, Heldrake, Helbrute, 3 CSM squads, and a sorcerer and two warpsmiths on the assembly table.

Cypher is also built and basecoated - I mean, if you have a chaos army and you have a Dark Angels army, you pretty much have to have Cypher, right?

I also built and painted 25 plague marines. Five more are waiting on parts to arrive. So that's potentially 6 squads of plague marines (2 double-melta, 3 double-plasma, 1 double-flamer). Hey, at least I'm set for troops -good troops. I also started getting the spawn onto new bases and the terminator bodyguard now has all of the parts I wanted for them gathered and basecoated. The bikes and the obliterators are the big to-do now and that's a good feeling. Force Bane is almost finished! It's around 3000 points altogether and I'm pretty pleased with it.

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