Monday, February 2, 2015

Catching Up - the Grab Bag

The Kickstarter for the next big Deadlands adventure is out and available here. While I wasn't a big fan of some of the recent settings when they put one out I do like I will support it - and I did.

Green Ronin is releasing a giant hardbound version of Freeport for Pathfinder. "Awesome! I thought when I first heard about it. I used Freeport in a 3rd edition D&D campaign I ran years ago and thought it would be fun to revisit in the wake of the original trilogy. Then my players mentioned that they hated that place! If it hadn't threatened the rest of the world I think they would have left before the big finale and let the city suffer whatever horrible fate awaited it. Reluctantly, I let that kickstarter go on without me ... sniff. Ah well. I have plenty for Pathfinder anyway.

Other News

  • D&D Layoffs. WOTC is making themselves look bad, at least to the online forum crowd.
  • The "BAMFsies" superhero RPG awards came out last week. Now I like the guys who do the podcast but right there at the top is the gamer's choice award and it's G-Core! Who the heck was stuffing the ballot box for G-Core?! My take on G-Core is here.
  • Star Trek Online is celebrating its 5th anniversary. I was there when is started and I have come and gone at different points over the years, but if you're at all interested in a Star Trek RPG type experience, it's out there, there's a lot of content to play through, and it's still free.
  • For Warhammer 40,000 the new Codex Necrons is out, with Harlequins on the way. Undead space robots and battle clowns for 7th edition!

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