Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Old Game Bag

I try to cover the Big Topics here on the blog - I've talked about dice, I've talked about notebooks, I'e talked about binders - clearly all very important topics. Today I thought I'd bid a fond farewell to an old friend that I have not mentioned on the blog before - the gaming bag.

The picture above is what's left of my old reliable bag that I have used since the late 80's. From sometime in high school, through college, through the first real job, and on through singlehood, married-hood, and fatherhood it's been the Main Bag. When it was time for a game, I loaded up the bag and headed out.

It's seen a lot of miles, a lot of houses, apartments, and dorms - mostly on the floor.

It's been stepped on by people many times. Animals too - dogs, cats, gerbils, ferrets, a hedgehog, and at least one falcon.

It's transported many books, notebooks, character sheets, dice, snacks, drinks, pens, sheet protectors, markers, miniatures, and probably some other things I'm forgetting at the moment.

It's been overstuffed, probably more often than not.

It's been transported in at least 10 different cars over the years, mine and others - possibly a bus too.

It's had a long and very useful life but the last few years have not been kind to it. In the last move it was pressed into service as an emergency transport for last minute stuff and it's spent the last couple of years in semi-retirement in the garage and in the closet. Age has finally caught up to it and it's coming apart. Something leaked inside it, staining it. The inner layer is falling apart, and the previously nigh-invulnerable exterior has ripped in several places, the zipper on the external pocket has come apart, and it's clear that it is no longer up to the role of Main Bag or even really Reserve Bag.

It's time for one last ride - to the trash can.

So thank you Great Grey Bag of Gaming! I don't know what brand you were nor do I remember exactly what birthday or graduation marked your arrival, but I deeply appreciate your long and reliable service.

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