Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Little too busy ...

It's like an alien invasion around here ...

This month is a busy one:

  • Apprentice Red graduates at the end of the month so we have all of the preparations that go along with the end of the senior year, from banquets to prom(s) to the ceremony, the family stuff, and the party. There's quite a bit going on just with him.
  • Apprentice Twilight is in the middle of Driver's Ed and will be fully licensed and legal (and minimally experienced) in a few months. She also started her first job so there's that whole learning curve as well. This also means we're car shopping, which is fairly time-consuming as well. She has end of year celebrations too, but fortunately I'm not in charge of helping the daughter choose a wardrobe. Whew.
  • Apprentice Blaster has some year-end stuff too and is already asking when he gets to go to Driver's Ed. There are a lot of possible answers to that question, but I'm guessing "later" is the best one for now. He is old enough now, but I want to space it out for our sanity.
  • Apprentice Who, thankfully, is not in this tier of activity yet. His end of year activities don't involve banquets or wardrobe expansion right now so he's at least not adding to the problem.
On top of all that some work changes (good ones) have taken up more time than usual and upset the work from home schedule which means even less time for "extras".

It's been impossible to find a free weekend where all of my players (and me) are available to do a "season finale"for the 4E campaign and I don't think May is going to be any better. I've managed to keep the Pathfinder game on an almost regular schedule, mainly because of the two-core-players thing, but even it may suffer in May. Other than that, painting the 40K armies in the rare quiet hours (and usually at odd times) is the only other game type thing going on here right now.

All that means that posting may be erratic this month. Less free time means that "playing" takes priority over "writing about playing" enough to cut into my almost-regular posting schedule. Mondays and Fridays will probably stay on track but everything else is a "maybe" for May. Hopefully things will calm down some in June. 

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