Saturday, December 28, 2013

Operation: Mousetrip Begins

About the time this post goes up we will be hitting the road and taking the kids to Disneyworld as a big Christmas present. They found out Friday afternoon and we leave Saturday morning.

The whole blended family thing can be challenging at times with schedules and all of those complications (that lead to things like doing the family Xmas on the 27th instead of the 25th) on top of the usual school and time off issues and the teenage-specific weather of jobs, school projects, girlfriends/boyfriends, and general unpredictability of moods. We started planning this a year ago, after the kids all took off for the "other half" of that Christmas and it was just Lady Blacksteel and myself, and it has finally all worked out. The whole Disney thing still has enough magic to make all of the teenagers walk around with a big grin, overcoming all of those other potential obstacles. It was a surprise to them, a good one, and they didn't even complain about the short notice. The prospect of their first trip to WDW, including new year's eve at the park, seems to have shaved about 10 years off of all of their ages - for today at least.

As you might guess posting will be sparse this week. Beyond the Disney thing it was a 40K Christmas here when it comes to gaming as there's really nothing new in the RPG rotation of 4E/Pathfinder/Next that they needed. They were pretty excited about their new 40K stuff but the trip means it won't be hitting the table for a week or more  and we're all OK with that.

Anyway, Happy New Year! Posting resumes in 2014!

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