Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ToEE 4E Session 4 - The Green Slime

This was a short session but it was time to get things back on track. After the death of the Dragonborn Paladin last time we needed a replacement and this came in the form of a Dragonborn Sorcerer. Names have been omitted to reduce boredom and annoyance - this is the Apprentice campaign after all and they are still finding their feet with the whole naming thing. I will say though that they aren't any worse than a lot of the names I see and hear so I probably shouldn't slam them for it.

Much time was spent in Hommlett (in this campaign it's in Mistledale - see here for details) shopping, trading, haggling, and outfitting. Now better equipped and riding horses for the first time the newly reinforced party heads for the Moathouse.

Once at the Moathouse, they decided to head down the stairs to explore the lower level and were promptly attacked by Green Slime. Now this stuff used to be pretty nasty in AD&D, then it was changed to a hazard in 3E which was a little less satisfying in some ways. Well it's back in 4E and it can move and attack and inflict ongoing 10 acid damage if it gets lucky, so it's pretty nasty.  Three of them in a confined space like a stairwell is especially nasty, but they handled it very well. As the battle opened, we discovered that the Dragonbron breath weapon is pretty nasty in confined spaces too, and it just makes Po's defense boost that much easier to hang onto.

So in a 6 round fight the party cleans house without taking too much damage (no drops and no kills for Team Monster) and then fans out to explore the big empty room at the bottom of the stairs. That's also where we had to stop as our time ran out - Short rest, we will pick it up next time!

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