Monday, November 21, 2011

Blogometric Slowdown

Things are a little slow game-wise around the lair these days. With the conclusion of the main 4E campaign (more on that later) and the Apprentices being tied up for the past few weeks there have not been a lot of dice being rolled. I expect that will change with weekends freeing up and the holidays coming up too. Rough plans:

  • I'm feeling the itch to pick our Basic game back up for at least one run as I'd like to have them finish up the two B modules they're in right now and then I'd like to send them off to the Isle of Dread after that for a change of pace.

  •  On the Supers front we are in the middle of an ICONS adventure and need to finish it. Depending on who is available and when I may also run some MSH - they seem to like playing the actual Marvel characters so we may take on the challenge of the Breeder Bombs next (the concept of which is kind of like the first X-Men movie so they should be on board with it. At some point we may take on M&M 3E but probably not yet - maybe during December vacation time.

  •  Then there is the ongoing 4E ToEE campaign which should fire up again, maybe as soon as this weekend. I'm looking forward to it as I worked through a lot of prep to get it started and it's fun to run. 

Anyway that's behind the slowdown in posts lately - less game time = less material driving the blog. Lots of other good things have been going on too, so everything's good here, but I'm lookig forward to getting back in the groove.

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