Sunday, June 19, 2011

Theme for the week

Since my regular D&D group is finally getting back on track this Friday we will be turning away from Supers for a week and catching up on the D&D campaign. I have neglected to post some session summaries from before the break so I'll be doing that - mainly to help my players and me get back into the flow and the mindset for the campaign.  My goal is to be completely caught up, so they will probably be somewhat abbreviated. So join me as we return to Phlan and the home stretch of the Heroic Tier which will hopefully end in a heroic victory over terrible evil, setting up the next phase of the campaign. Or it could all end in a horrifying TPK ending the campaign and causing us to play a completely different game - stay tuned to find out!


Jeremy said...

Your POR map needs to be updated for the metal man marauders kicking that shiny metal pyramid all the way back to the far realms.

Jus sayin. ^_^

Pontifex said...

Cool map. It makes me think about old school CRPGs on 8-bit Nintendo

Blacksteel said...

Oh it is, it's from one of the old golf box POR's, not sure which one. I remember the C64 looking different so maybe it's the Apple version?