Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Code Red!

Well it's not Monday but I'm a little more motivated than usual as the solution to my hardware problems on the road is on the way:

Sometimes the answer is "get me the minimum I need to do the job";

Sometimes the answer is "expend a lot of resources and get exactly what you want"

Sometimes though, with some patience and way too many hours spent obsessively searching the internet for specs and bargains until late into the night things work out and you get almost exactly what you want for not much more than it would take to get the minimum. Those are good days.

So anyway, "Code Red" and I will be getting acquainted back at the home base this weekend and then he will be my sidekick for several weeks to come. I expect he will be pretty popular at home too once the apprentices see what he can do.

So stay tuned for next week when I get back to blogging with something that has more power and capability than my phone, for a change.

Assuming home doesn't blow away - hang on guys. Tornadoes are bad enough but when you're 1000 miles away and the family is home its even worse.

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