Saturday, April 10, 2010

Necessary Evil - Session 3 - Playing Through

The team climbs from the wreckage of the alien shuttle as the drones and K'Tharians close in around them. The alien robot gleams under the lights as the V'Sori scientist realizes he may need to take drastic action.

The alien scientist pulls out some kind of rod and begins doing things on his computer. Concerned, Nissa closes in to try and beguile him. Seeing that she's not close enough, Night Terror shoots him and he staggers, but doesn't drop. In the meantime, MegaStrike and Nightblade, freed of their bad luck, are rapidly thinning the alien minions.

The scientist really puts up a struggle, staying on his feet even when Night Terror shoots him a second time and resisting Nissa's mind control as well. Annoyed, she ends up grabbing the activation rod from his hand to prevent him from touching the giant robot with it, as the team assumes that's how it's turned on. In the end, the battered, frustrated scientist succumbs to a punch from MegaStrike and crumples to the ground.

The sound of alarms is heard in the distance...

Using the anti-grav clamp that the V'Sori were using, the villains move the robot to a small flatbed truck and cover it with tarp (vehicle theft not being something they are concerned with). They contact Dr. Destruction and arrange to meet him at the warehouse.

After some negotiations between MegaStrike and the Doctor, they drive the truck onto a waiting shuttle and depart the scene.

Nissa keeps the alien rod, though she doesn't mention it to anyone else. She's just kind of that way.

The adventure ends with the team back at the penthouse having drinks and relaxing after striking a blow at the aliens and avoiding major injury among themselves. All in all, a solid day's work.

GM Notes:

- This one was fairly short as we were all tired at the end of the week and spent a lot of time discussing all kinds of other things. Movies, schedules, and a potential 4th edition D&D game.

- The players did really well with getting the bot out of there. It was very professional, no panic, no paralyzing indecision.

- I was glad to get it wrapped up and give out their first XP's. I wasn't sure this was a great choice for their first run but it worked out well and everyone had a chance to shine.

- The relationship with Dr. Destruction is already interesting and I am sure it will develop in even more unexpected ways.

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