Saturday, March 27, 2010

Dragonsport - Population and Deities

Since it's the center of the campaign right now I thought I would share some details about the city:

-Population about 10,000, 70% of which is human, 10% dwarven, 15% halfling, 3% Elves, and 2% everything else. Halflings are prevalent in some sections of town and consider this "home". Dwarves have a few areas they call their own but are mostly mixed in with the others and the majority are traders or adventurers from the Kingdom of the Iron Crown located in the mountains to the north - very few consider this city "home". The Elves are similarly merchants and travellers from the Greenwood to the east rather than natives of the city, even if they happen to be staying for 10 years or more. The city is fairly cosmopolitan being a center of trade so it is possible to run across a lizardman or a party of sea elves in the streets, especially near the docks.

- Slavery is illegal within the duke's lands, as is slave-trading but there are nearby realms where this is not the case

- The city watch runs about 500 men, divided into five 100-man companies. Standard gear is leather, shortsword, and a spear. On the walls the watch carries crossbows. The duke's personal guard is about 100 men strong, clad in chain & shield with a sword, a dagger, and a crossbow. Note: 500 men is not nearly enough to strongly defend the walls of the city. It is assumed that in the event of a serious threat to the city and a potential siege situation that levies would be raised and that 2000-3000 more bodies could be pressed into service. The city has never been besieged or attacked by a large force so much of this is theory and old plans gathering dust.

Religion - There are two major deities with temples in the city plus the healers of the White Hand

One major deity is Zygag the Lawgiver: Revered as the power that laid down the basic tenets of civilization, codes of behavior, currency, and organization. A Lawful power, he is depicted as a robed and bearded male human of middle age. It is said that he walked the world for a century teaching the ways of order before ascending to godhood in the ruined citadel that once dominated the area and later became the lair of the great red dragon that gave the city its name. His priests wear grey robes and sport facial hair. Often called upon to settle disputes, they carry a staff of office marking them as priests of the lawgiver. In battle, they defend civilization in shining silver armor and wield mace and shield. Their main concern is the orderly functioning of society and respect for laws, though they do consider the expansion of society to be a secondary concern and will adventure to do just that.

The other major deity in town is Nerasoon the Builder, a lawful power also depicted as a middle aged human, clad in black robes. He is said to have been affiliated with The Lawgiver in the early days though they have separate areas of interest. Nerasoon is responsible for teaching man how to build and create everything from buildings to wagons to all manner of crafted goods. He is revered by builders and crafters throughout the city. Priests of Nerasoon are consulted on all major engineering projects within the duke's realm and have a special interest in the city walls and fortifications. His symbol is a black castle (usually depicted as a silhouette). When called upon to defend the city, clerics of The Builder will don heavy black armor and wield warhammers, throwing spells as necessary.

The Order of the White hand maintains 4 outposts in the city - one by the docks and one near each of the north, east, and south gates. They provide their normal services at each of these outposts, have regular contact with each other and often work together to solve larger problems. No one outpost is consider to be superior to the others.

Other religions exist in the city, and many forbidden cults have gathered in dark places beneath the city in years past, but these are the only open, major institutions in the city.

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