Friday, February 19, 2010

Magic Item: Wolftamer

I dislike generic magic items when running a campaign. The only way I was ever able to rationalize it was to say that back during the goblin wars the elves cranked out a lot of basic enchanted blades for use against evil magical creatures - basically +1 and glows near evil, something like that, and then call all +1 swords one of those.

I'm not doing that for this campaign. So, first in a series:


Sword +1 +3 vs. Lycanthropes

A black-hilted longsword with a wolf's head motif with quillons and pommel of silver. The wielder can press a button on the hilt and pop a silver spike from the pommel and use it as a dagger in close combat.

Sage Info: Wolftamer was used by the lawful hero Arador during the fight against an evil cult of werewolves about a hundred years ago. After the cleansing of Moonglade it was passed on to one of his henchman and was lost soon thereafter.

DM note: I typically put these kinds of items on an index card when the player discovers them. If you let someone else use the item, you hand them the card. Then there's no question who is wearing the ring of regeneration when the the dragon attacks. I'm going to get pictures for all of them this time around which I have not always done but it should be do-able.

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