Saturday, August 30, 2014

RPGaDAY - Day 30 - Rarest RPG Owned

I'm not terribly concerned about this one. Who cares if it's rare? Plus, between used bookstores, eBay, and now PDF's there's not much out there that can't be acquired one way or another. Plus, well, if by 'rare' you mean "a lot of people haven't seen it or played it" well, it may be because it was a crappy game.

Lords of Creation seems to be at least uncommon. I talked about it here.

Battle Born came in a magazine 20+ years ago and I talked about it here.

I have Tarantis and some of the old ziploc-baggie format Invincible Overlord stuff from Judges Guild but those are really settings/adventures, not actual games.

I have one of the Cthulu/Melnibone Deities and Demi Gods that is at least a "limited run" but it's just a supplement not a full RPG.

I have a couple of "fantasy heartbreaker" type games that I had never heard of before seeing them in person.

  • I have a version of "Phatasy Conclave" that is 3 small paper, uh, "booklets" staple -bound that look like something that would be handed out at a PTA meeting. It's somebody's tweaked version of D&D and is in no way memorable. Heroic Worlds says there was a boxed set for it in 1984 but all I have are the booklets and they don't really look like something you would have put in a box at that time but who knows?
  • I have something much more recent, the Peryton Fantasy Roleplaying Game from 2009. It's a 140-odd page softcover that is a pretty direct rip of the D&D SRD that doesn't do anything really special or unique. The classes are a little different, but not enough to matter. It's really just a cut-down compilation of D&D 3E. 

In the end despite the large number of game books I own I don't really care about rarity for its own sake. I keep games that I am playing or running, that mean something to me, that I think I might play in the future, that serve as a resource for another game, or that are cool even if I may never get to play them. 

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