Wednesday, August 27, 2014

5E PHB Quick Thoughts - 4th Edition Class Types Live On

After spending a fair amount of time with 4th Edition over the last 4-5 years it was nice to see some familiar elements some of the 5th Edition class details:

  • The Fighter has 3 sub-types that covers the traditional Fighter, the Warlord, and the Swordmage
  • The Paladin covers the traditional Paladin, the Warden, and the Avenger
  • The Sorcerer keeps the Wild Mage option that was available in 4th and goes back all the way to the 2E Wild Mage.
  • The Warlock keeps the pact options it had in 4th including the Fey pact which always seemed especially flavorful to me.
Now with a new system everything is not going to work exactly the same but when the Battle Master Fighter has an ability called "Commander's Strike" that lets him forgo his own attack to allow another character to make an attack with a bonus, well, it's nice to see some of the good ideas in the last version of the game have carried over.   

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