Thursday, August 28, 2014

Overreaction Wednesday

Alright this is relatively minor but there's an interview with Mike Mearls on EN World that is pretty good overall and is worth reading if you're interested in that kind of thing. Early on he's talking about the design thinking behind 5th edition and says this:

But they’ve probably played a role-playing game… they’ve played Skyrim or [World of] Warcraft or any of those game, so they probably actually know what a role-playing game is. We can probably just assume they know what a role-playing game is and they know they just need to make a character, and let’s just start explaining how this game works.

Sure. Except you left that whole how-to-make-a-character thing out of the Starter Box! I know there's a free PDF download, but seriously, to make that statement then leave it out ... ah well the PHB is really nice. More on that as I work back through it.

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