Friday, April 4, 2014

The Nothing But Positive Random Friday News

Well we have combat managers for Pathfinder, 4E, and Hero, and if any other game ever needed one, well, Rolemaster finally has one too.

The Iron Gods Adventure Path is taking shape. The Technology Guide was announced this week. I am looking forward to this one - I don't know why mixing lasers and robots into a swords and chainmail game is so much fun but it is. It's been a favorite of mine since Gamma World and Barrier Peaks and it's a big reason I put up with Rifts as much as I did. I'm sure The Mummy's Mask is going to be a fine set of adventures, but it has the misfortune to be sandwiched between the epic demon-cleansing war of Wrath of the Righteous and the robots vs. magic craziness of Iron Gods.

There are some really nice deals on DTRPG right now for "International Tabletop Day". Oh look, another made-up gaming holiday! Oh well, the deals are good regardless - DCC RPG for $5, 13th Age for $10, Numenera for $10 - if you're on the edge they're making it easier.

Computer Game Stuff:

  • Star Trek Online's Season 9 later this month will be all about Species 8472
  • The Elder Scrolls Online launched today if you like Online Skyrim
  • The expansion for Diablo III came out a week ago if you like beating gold out of monsters

40K Update: Yes I still play, no I haven't done much with it lately. The Dark Angels are still coming along though it's been very slow as other distractions take over. Adepticon is going on this weekend, and we're about to get the new Imperial Guard book with the silly name.

ICONS and Supers:

  • This Vigilance Press podcast has some good information about the new edition of ICONS and more.
  • BAMF has more on this as well


Barking Alien said...

For those of us who've never used a combat manager...what the heck is a combat manager?

Blacksteel said...

Oh come one now, this is the thing that melted your brain a week or two back! It's software that tracks characters and their opponents during combat - initiative, damage, conditions - that kind of thing. Instead of managing it on paper you do it on a computer or a tablet (or your phone I suppose.

Not every game really needs one - ICONS comes to mind - but the Pathfinder one works well and I suspect Hero would benefit from one as well.