Thursday, April 3, 2014

Super Options

Feeling super-creative (HA!) this week ... besides the Trek thing coming together I've also been digging through some superhero stuff.

ICONS: Working up a "trilogy" of single-session adventures we could play to get back in that groove prior to the new edition coming out. Team-Up's "universe" play has me thinking about using it, regardless of rule system.

M&M: Looking back through my Freedom City notes and my Atomic City notes and considering how to start one of those up again. 

Champions: I've talked about it an awful lot for not running it this decade. One of the Apprentices is looking over the 4th Ed Book this week and I'm looking at an adventure and at my old "Miami 2000" notes and thinking about "Miami 2020" as a new campaign option.

Marvel Super Heroes: There's a trilogy of old MSH adventures involving time travel that I'd like to run, and I'd rather run them in the original system than spend time translating them. It's probably lower on the priority list than some of these but when we start talking you never know how things will go. Plus I suspect Apprentice Who will be a lot more interested in this than in learning Champions right now.

Marvel Heroic: The Apprentices have asked a couple of times about finishing our "Modern Marvel" campaign from last year. I have notes. I should really do something with this.

DC Heroes: I don't have any specific adventure idea, I'd just like to let the kids try it out so they see how it works and can decide for themselves whether it's any fun. Looking at the list above though, it's probably not going to happen soon. They'd probably like running heroes they know the best, so I may need to cook something up for that to ever happen.

We're supposed to play Pathfinder this weekend, and trying to work in a Trek game AND a Supers game alongside that in 2+ days and still do anything else (like getting outside) is a tall order. We're having tons of fun and actually gaining levels at a nice clip in that game so I'm not changing that up. I feel like I could run any of these games and run the occasional ICONS adventure too. It's mainly a matter of trying them out, shaking off some rust, and picking one to run for a while. Ah well, it's a good problem to have.

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