Saturday, April 13, 2013

L is for Team Ladybug

First Appearance
Apprentice Twilight was playing around with the costume creator in City of Heroes and ended up with something inspired by this:

We discussed adding insect wings but she was dead set against it, but the inspiration remains. She was an Energy Blast/Energy Melee Blaster in CoH.

Not being one to let her wander the virtual streets alone I made a companion character:

Captain Ladybug was an Invulnerabilty/Energy Melee Tanker. Lots of glowy red fists and lots of knockback! I envisioned him as a big bulky suit of power armor.

Ladybug Girl was a typical college science major interested in the properties and applications of some of the fringe biologies that have appeared in the Super Era. As her father had feared, one day her investigations led to an accident and she was bathed in a srange chemical substance that energized her cells with an unknown type of radiation she has tentatively dubbed "red energy". It has many of the properties of kinetic energy but it is visible in the normal visual spectrum and can be manipulated like light energy. She has not been able to nail down all of the things it can do and she has not been able to recreate it, but she has learned to control it.  After designing a costume to hide her true identity she took to the skies and the streets and now fights crime as LADYBUG GIRL!

Captain Ladybug is Ladybug Girl's father, a robotics engineer by trade. When his daughter had her accident he helped her to analyze the strange energies that now flowed through her body. When she announced her intentions to go Super, he became increasingly worried about her safety. When talking failed to dissuade her he went with Plan B. He built a hulking suit of powered armor that coudl generate an artificial form of Red Energy and went after her and was soon dubbed by the media CAPTAIN LADYBUG!

(Yes, she knows. She figured it out the first time he showed up - BAM! POW! SMACK! ... Dad?)

She feels a strong sense of duty to repay the debt of her gift by making the world a better place. Combine this with her intense curiosity about the world of super-science and she gets into trouble a lot. She is a headstrong young woman who follows her gut and is sometimes driven by emotional reactions before she can really think about a situation.

He is a concerned father, an older man who had his children later than many and values them greatly. He never paid much attention to the ups and downs of the super-set and has no great desire to be a hero on his own. He is only in this to protect his girl. If she gave it up tomorrow, he could put the suit away, never touch it again, and be perfectly happy the rest of his life.

PDF link is here.

Ladybug Girl for ICONS

Prowess: 3 (Typical) - she's not a trained or an experienced fighter - yet
Coordination: 6 (Remarkable) - she's a deadeye shot
Strength: 3 (Typical) - she is a typical young woman in this area
Intellect: 5 (Excellent) - she's smart and educated
Awareness: 5 (Excellent) - she is more aware than most
Willpower: 5 (Excellent) - she is tenacious

Stamina: 8
Determination: 2

Origin: Transformed

Specialties: Science Expert (Biology), Science (Chemistry)

Blast 7 (Incredible) - Red Energy Blast - this is a blast of glowing red energy from her fists

Strike 5 (Excellent) - Red Energy Smash - this is a punch from her glowing red energized fist

Force Field 7 (Incredible) - Red Energy Field - this is a glowing red aura that blocks both energy and physical attacks. She doesn't really have to concentrate to keep it up but it does shut down if she is knocked unconscious  

Flight 5 (Excellent) - this appears to be tied to her energized cells but she is uncertain why or how it works.


Motivation: Chosen to Make a Difference - her feeling of assuming a duty by receiving this change drives her beyond all other considerations. She can't just sit home and let others help - she has to do it, as much as she can.

Identity: Secret Identity & College Student

Connections: Father (Captain Ladybug) and Local Scientific Community (College Biology Major)

Impetuous Youth: She tends to react without thinking first and she has little experience which is a dangerous combination. 

Too Curious By Far: Aside from her feelings of responsibility her other main drive is curiosity - how did this happen? what else could this energy do? what other discoveries are out there waiting to be made?

Weakness: Dark Energy Powers - She has only encountered this once, but a strange being of "black energy" once passed near her and she felt her powers diminish to the point she could no feel them anymore. This both worried her and excited her curiosity but she was not able to pursue the thing as it quickly flew off.

PDF link is here

More Aliens!

Captain Ladybug for ICONS

Prowess: 4 (Good) - he's not an experienced fighter but he's learning
Coordination: 4 (Good) - he doesn't really need to be better than this
Strength: 7 (Incredible) - the suit does the heavy lifting
Intellect: 5 (Excellent) - he's smart and educated
Awareness: 4 (Good) - he is more aware than some but not amazingly so
Willpower: 5 (Excellent) - he is driven to protect his daughter

Stamina: 12
Determination: 1

Origin: Gimmick (Ladybug Battlesuit)

Specialties: Science (Physics), Electronics, Mechanics

Hmmm, snow creatures
Invulnerability Device 8 (Amazing) - Ladybug Battlesuit - his suit is tremendously resilient and he often uses it to shield others

Life Support Device 6 (Cold, Breathing, Heat, Pathogens, Radiation, Vacuum) - Sealed Ladybug Battlesuit

Leaping Device 5 (Excellent)  - Battlesuit JUMP! 

Strike Device 3 (Bashing) - Glowling Red Armored Fists 

Motivation: Protective Father - his primary concern is Ladybug Girl. While he does trust her judgement and capabilities to a degree, he will drop everything to protect/saver her whenever he feels she is in danger.

Connections: Daughter (Ladybug Girl)

Late Bloomer - Captain Ladybug is in his 50's and has little knowledge of the whole super culture other than what he has experienced so far with his daughter. This is both a physical issue at times, and a social one. 

Secret Identity - Engineer & Father

Clearly not friendly snow creatures

Notes: So today it's two characters instead of two systems. they both come out to 54 points, higher than standard point-builds but not that high. I think these writeups cover the core of both though there would be somewhat more detail in an M&M design than what's here. She can fly around and blast things while he jumps in and engages on the ground. They're both fairly tough but his life support lets him go places that she should not. 

Beyond the powers and stats I hope the Aspects give a solid picture of how they operate. She can use Impetuous Youth and Curiosity to gain enough Determination to really get into trouble, then dad can hopefully get her out. 

Not friendly? So be it!


Gwen Gardner said...

Ladybug Girl is awesome! Smart and talented (and cute!) :)

Joe Bardales said...

I can't wait to share this with my lady bug-loving, ICONS-playing niece!

Clarissa Draper said...

That girl is sweet!