Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for IRON MOM!

First Appearance
This one was a Mother's Day thing for Lady Blacksteel a few years ago. I had a concept and ran with it and then turned it over to her to play. She did, humoring me for a while. I can see it being even more fun in a tabletop game.

Tired of her super-husband always heading out on patrol after work, an annoyed suburban housewife finally asked "Why don't you get one of your super-genius-billionaire friends in your little club to build a super-suit for me? Then I could keep an eye on things while the kids are in school  and you can pick it up in the evenings." Hearing that tone of voice, super-dad made a decision that he perhaps regrets today on a personal level, but it undeniably made the city a safer place.

Iron Mom patrols her city with all the energy of a mom on playground watch. Her tendency is to intervene rather than not, so quite a few citizens have gotten to meet her via auto accidents, stray pets, and unruly children. Normally she tries to minimize her use of violence, instead using the suit's enhanced senses and physical capabilities to solve a variety of problems. Children are a special concern though and if threatened she will crank the suit up to Overmax and cut loose in whatever way is needed - threatening a school bus is a pretty solid way of summoning the red and yellow guardian of good behavior.

Iron Mom for ICONS

PDF link here

Prowess: 3 (Typical) - she doesn't like to fight
Coordination: 5 (Excellent) - high school athlete and still has some skill
Strength: 7 (Incredible) - battlesuit! she would be a 3 without it
Intellect: 4 (Good) - better than average
Awareness: 9 (Monstrous) - mother + super hi tech sensors
Willpower: 6 (Remarkable) - she's hard to dissuade once she's made up her mind

Stamina: 13
Determination: 1

Origin: Gimmick (+2 to Awareness)

Specialties: Psychiatry Expert (she's a mom), Area Knowledge (she's a mom), Deception (she's a mom and so knows it when she sees it)

Invulnerability - 8 (Amazing) - Iron Mom Suit (Device)
Blast - 6 (Remarkable) - Electrical Blast - Iron Mom Suit (Device)
Flight - 5 (Excellent) - Iron Mom Suit (Device)
Supersenses - 3 (Enhanced Hearing, Extended Vision, Extended Hearing ) - Iron Mom Suit (Device)

"Catchphrase :Because I Said So" - Iron mom says this a lot and it does not always make a whole lot of sense.

"Motivation : Defend the Defenseless and clean up bad behavior " - she sticks up for the little guy, kids, women, puppies, and really almost anything she can  use to position herself as a defender. It also means that people know how to lure her in to a situation.

"Connections : Soccer Mom Network" - being an involved and active mom means she meets and talks to a lot of people. She can use this network both as her private identity and as Iron Mom. Of course, sometimes this draws her in to trouble.

"I Didn't Build This Thing!" - The strange alien genius known only as Doctor Oahu disappeared nearly a year ago. His last creation on planet Earth was the Iron Mom Suit. He gave her minimal instruction on its use, promised more, but disappeared the next day and has not been seen since. Sometimes in the heat of battle she discovers some new capability. Other times she "hits the wrong button" and the thing shuts down at a most inconvenient time.

"Weakness - Harsh Language" - Excessive use of profanity causes her visible distress, and a few criminals have been able to delay capture by unleashing a torrent of profanity as she approaches. It's rude and shocking and makes it difficult for her to concentrate. 

"Social - Oh Look it's Iron Mom" - Some of the more traditional male heroes (and villains) in the city still do not take her seriously. This is not so much because she's a girl but because of the mom thing. It's not a particularly intimidating name in their eyes and doesn't fit with their view of the super business. This continues but is likely to drop away over time as she continues to display her skill - and the power of the suit.

Notes: At 60 points she's one of the tougher characters I have posted but I think she's a pretty reasonable expression of the concept. I wanted to mix in the female hero, aspects of "mom" as a hero, and a little of the suit from Greatest American Hero, Hopefully the Qualities and Challenges and all the rest come together to convey this.

Iron Mom teams up with Super Patriot to clean up the street! 

And now ...

Iron Mom for Marvel Heroic Roleplaying

Link to PDF here

For Marvel we change things up a bit. I'm looking at the suit as an older model suit - maybe a gift from Tony Stark? - that was upgraded by an alien scientist and that's where our two power sets come from. One is the known, reliable suit tech one would expect a hero to have. The other is the unpredictable Alien Tech set that allows a lot of flexibility but also allows for shutdowns to gain a plot point.

Her affiliations are Solo>Buddy>Team just because that's how I see her - other arrangements could certainly be justified. Specialties are Psych (she's a mom), Menace (she's a mom), Medical (she's a mom), and Covert (she's a mom) - I think you see where I'm coming from on this. 

The "Iron" is mostly in the powers while the "Mom" is reflected in the Specialties and Milestones. 

I think she would be fun to play in most campaigns. If this version is a little too nice then swap out one of her Milestone sets for one from the Punisher. It could work surprisingly well for the mom who's willing to go a little too far.


Clarissa Draper said...

Oh, I like her! I relate except for the superhero part.

Blacksteel said...

I probably overdid the "Mom" angle but it is a comic book type character - overdoing it and archetypes are a fairly common thing.