Thursday, April 11, 2013

J is for Jolly Jade Giant

First Appearance
Another combination of inspiration and interest. I wanted to make a plant controller in CoH but had not really stuck on a concept. Then things finally came together and the Jolly Jade Giant was born!

In  a magical mystical amazingly green land the Valley Giants tend their crops. Guardians of the land, they take their mission as both caretakers of all plant life and defenders of nature quite seriously. As each generation comes of age they are sent out into the universe to gain experience and knowledge before returning to the valley as guardians. One such young giant, possibly nicknamed "Sprout" in his youth, came to our world and quickly joined in the superhero life, using his powers for the advancement of good.

The giant is a tall green humanoid who speaks with a deep, almost booming voice. He is physically tough and strong though he has not reached his full growth. His main power though is his ability to enhance and control plant life. With this power comes the customary responsibility and he knows he is here to learn and train for a greater role yet to come. He is eager to learn, friendly, and prefers to work with other heroes rather than alone as he assumes they know more about just about everything than he does - other than plants. He is quite friendly and tends to make nervous conversation when the action is about to start.

Looks like trouble ...

Jolly Jade Giant for ICONS

Link to PDF here.

Prowess: 3 (Typical) - he's not really a fighter
Coordination: 4 (Good) - he's alright but this is not his thing
Strength: 6 (Remarkable) - he is a young giant!
Intellect: 3 (Good) - average for humans but above average for giants
Awareness: 5 (Excellent) - he is in-tune with his environment
Willpower: 5 (Excellent) - he is driven by his cause

Stamina: 11
Determination: 1

Origin: Gimmick (+2 to Awareness)

Specialties: Nature Expert, Science (Biology)

Plant Control - 8 (Amazing) - This is what his people do and he's already very good at it
Growth - 4 (good) - When needed he can grow to 20' tall. His Strength goes up to 7 (Incredible), he gains Invulnerability 4 (Good), and his defense is at -1 as he is a larger target.
Regeneration - 5 (Excellent) - He heals more quickly than meat beings

Catchphrase : "Ho Ho Ho!" - typically right before the battle begins

Motivation : "Defender of Nature" - In general his people's hierarchy of favored life forms is Plants>Animals>Other Intelligent Beings but he is young and has bent somewhat on this philosophy

Weakness - "Defoliants" - From Agent Orange to Round-Up things intended to kill plants are a danger to him

Social - "Not From Around Here" - He has learned much about the Earth and Humans but he still runs into awkward and unfamiliar situations from time to time.


Notes: At 46 points he almost a by-the-book point-based character. I would think his primary ranged attack would be using plants as a binding attack but that can be tricky to pull off in a street or indoor battle. Having 3 points of starting Determination should let him stunt into some interesting options, though. A lot of plant-type characters tend to be one-dimensional but with Growth-4 and the resulting Strength boost and Invuln power he can function as a Brick-type character besides just tangling up people's feet. His Regen will come in handy here too. 

Now what other games are out there that let you play a large plant-man? Oh, wait ...

Jolly Jade Giant for Gamma World

Link to PDF here.

This is JJG at 10th level in the 2010 edition of Gamma World.Now he's a little different here. This takes him back to his City of Heroes roots where he was a Plant/Empathy Controller. With the Plant and Empathy origins in GW7 he functions very similarly to that. A lot of his capability will be determined by his gear and mutations, but this is a pretty solid core for keeping that theme. He's tough and charismatic but he's also not that bright and not that dextrous -sounds like it's right for a giant plant-man!

Yep, it's all ruined!


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Sounds like the Jolly Green Giant.

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The Jade Giant is a mom? Odd. ;)

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Why, I don't know what either of you mean : )